need a little help getting on track

  1. need a little help getting on track

    hello everyone. I am 30 yrs old. 6'2" 200lbs. I lifted quite a bit through highschool and off and on afterwards. My metabolism has slowed quite a bit and as a result, the belly fat is becoming more pronounced. About two years ago I hit the gym heavy and had a half ****ed diet plan that was more exhausting then the gym. My short term goals are to lose the belly fat and become more defined overall. long term (for now i guess), i think with my frame i would like to bulk up to about 225 or so. I want to do this the right way. i am looking for any input and all suggestions on where to start would be greatly appreciated. Anywhere from diet to training. If you think i need to modify my goals, etc. thanks in advance for your support and replies.

  2. You will probably have good success from any workout program/diet plan if you are currently doing nothing. With that said, how many days can you go to a gym, if at all? Pick a plan and stick with it. If you can only go 4 days a week, and want to do body part split, do 1. chest and bis 2. legs 3. back and tris 4. shoulders and traps. Thats what I do.

    For diet, go to a website which I cant post a link to(google it) and figure out your daily calorie needs through their calculator. For a cut, aim for 3-500 below that. Eat clean, meaning no simple sugars and no trans fats. Basic info, I know, but your question is very general so its a good start.

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