Help with Early Teen Weight Training

  1. Help with Early Teen Weight Training

    My son will be turning 15 in Dec and is just finishing up his 5th season of football (Freshman) and is looking to start working out in order to make the Varsity team next year. He is about 6'1' and roughly 195lbs. I have lifted and currently lift but I am 40yrs old so I do it a lot differently than I think he needs to.

    My plan right now is to have him start over the next few months learning form and proper technique with the one of the following routines.

    M - flat bench, dips, mil. press
    T - wide pull ups, dead lift, up right rows
    Th - squat, leg press, calf raises
    F - bicep curls, tricep push downs, shrugs

    If this is too much, I was thinking of this....

    M - flat bench, wide pull ups, dead lift, mil. press
    T- squat, leg press, calf raises
    Th - same as M
    F - Same as T

    I am just not sure where to start him.... any help would be appreciated.

  2. Surprised no one has anything to offer....

  3. I don't see much wrong with th first one. You might look into some plyometric type training as well, something suited for football. Maybe some drills used in the combine.

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