muscle under left shoulder blade tingling

  1. muscle under left shoulder blade tingling

    Hey guys,

    Ok so a few days ago i noticed a slight tingling in my back it has never actually developed into a sharp pain or anything so im debating on going to the gym today and doing a light back workout with some bicepts .... im wondering if this may make it worse as it does seem to dissapear when im in the gym ...... Any advice would be greatly appreciated ... also when i sit it seems to tingle right in center of my back......

    Thanks so Much

  2. well ive really done it now im such an ass sometimes. i went to the gym today n was gonna do light weight got to last set on seated rows went out of form and felt a sharp shooting pain right above my waist in my lower back.... I am going to take 5 days off completely and take ibuprofen I hope this helps it im such an ass!!! the only thing is I noticed strange feelings all through my arms n all and my arms were extremely vascular today more so than usual ... I dunno I hope it gets better .... Thanks for the advice!

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