1. Tired

    Hi Guys I need some help
    For some reason I always get tired before I am about to lift. Like say I have a workout coming up a few hours from now and Im excited, but nervous at the same time. Im ready to attack the weightsm but when I get in the gym the nervousness almost makes me tired. I feel very lathargic and I was the same when I played sports in high school. Anyone have any suggestions because this is all mental if someone asked me to lift right this second I could do well, but when its game time I feel like ****.

  2. Wow, thought I was the only one. It is a weird feeling, cause even when I use stims I still feel tired "inside" even if I feel kind of energized sometimes even jittery on the "outside".

    Can be all cool and hyped going to the gym and when I get there, that weird tiredness comes.

    Have no idea what causes it, stims do seem to help“for a little while, but not long

  3. i use to feel that way with BB routines... Like how many workouts go buy b4 my arms grew or chest grew or forearms or more vascularity showed?

    I started powerlifting and loved it always siked to hit a new PR move up in weight in a lift and get ready to bench or DL more..

    now on squat days i been sucking so not as siked. but still try to be.. Also if ur coming of a stim u might feel this way.

  4. yeah man, its almost like you feel SSSOOOOOO lathargic like when your loading up the plates, they feel just heavy even though their light as ****.
    ITs a feeling almost like you have no aggresion towards the lifting lol T
    hen your laying in bed at night like a monster ready to attack the weight when you should be sleeping, but your thinking about lifting. Come gym time though and your energy is dead.
    That what you meant?

  5. a trick thats worked for me is lift at night. now im in college so it can do that. but man like today i was thinking all day gonna hit that 440 Deadlift and just got so siked and then when its time to lift i go crazy.. but i missed my lift today soo im so looking forward to next week!

  6. two words... White Flood!!!

  7. If you've got the money, try out an RPM/DRIVE/IGF-2 stack. It'll rock your world in a few different ways. You'll be more ready-to-go before your workouts and it'll make you more vascular, leaner looking and make your muscles feel more full. Also gives you great pumps in the gym and helps with recovery time, considering you're not really overdoing the volume. You could also throw in another pre-workout supplement and just low dose the RPM. If so, I'd recommend Jack3d or maybe SuperPump250. Too much caffeine would be the thing you'd want to watch out for.

    Maybe do a very light jog in the morning to speed up the metabolism?


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