Cursed with narrow shoulders.. Solution

  1. Cursed with narrow shoulders.. Solution

    Hey, guys. I was cursed with a thin body build. I've been lifting since I was 16 and I'm 6'1 170lbs. I bench 255 or 265 and put up the 110lb dumb bells in each hand five times. Here's the deal... my chest is developed possibly over developed for my narrow shoulders. They are rock hard of muscle and striations are even visible... but when not flexing their beginning to look less like pecs and more like bitch tits. They cant get any widers so they're growing down and out. Any solutions?

    quit working out chest? higher reps? pushups?

    Thanks for any help with this.

  2. Add pull-ups, upright rows, (wide grip) and take your lateral raises seriously. Seated cable rows and rear delt flys too. At 6' 1" and 170 pounds it's simply impossible for you to be wide. Work on you delts and back, and EAT, EAT, EAT!!! If you are neglecting your legs, shame on you. You need to squat too. Shrugs would probably be nice too, because weak traps could hamper your other lifts. Oh, deadlifts too. Another words, work your whole body with the same conviction you worked chest, and eat alot!! (of good food and protein.)

  3. Does anyone remember IFBB pro Art Atwood? Dudes pecs looked like they hung to his belly button. They were huge!

  4. what does your routine look like? how much are you focusing on back and shoulders? also pics
    SFW and GFH

  5. Implants.
    The Historic PES Legend

  6. Ha ha great responses guys. ridiculous at points (implants*) but yes. I do need to post some pictures. I'll get on that when I can get my camera. I'm a big believer in switching up my routine and split for gains, and I'm a very knowledgeable lifter.

    Typically Back/Bi's day --- Chest / Tri day --- Legs --- Shoulders --- Repeat lagging bodyparts and two days rest in between or when needed.

    I've switched to Back/tris ---- Chest/bis --- Legs -- and Shoulders/Tris as they were lagging....

    Also Lately I've been hitting legs twice a week every other week. My legs are exploding! I'm loving it. They were very thin, but my quads and hams are growing but my calves are lagging. No big deal.

    I hit my back and shoulders hard as you guys have said to do I think I've just over developed my chest. I feel like if i dont keep developing my chest itll turn to fat and just nasty.. I guess I'm limiting chest to once a week tops and hit my back and delts together maybe twice a week.

    Back/delt supersets I were told possibly widens the shoulder girdles so I'ma try that.

    sound good?

    any more suggestions? Thanks again guys

  7. Hmmm. If you are doing a "shoulder/tris" day, try this out for kicks.

    After some overhead presses, do upright rows. Then go right to lateral raises. The next exercise you do is Dips. (do them upright to hit the tris since it's not chest day.) I have NEVER before, or since, felt my delts blown up like they were after those workouts that I used to do. And remember to eat...

  8. Thanks. I like the idea of that shoulder / tris workout.

    And the eating... 6-8 meals a day.. clean. I'm a dedicated bodybuilder.. hardgainer though.

    up to 4000+ calories a day spread evenly.

  9. Christian Thib. has a routine that focus's on shoulders called 'superhero routine' google it. it worked great for me

  10. Do strict form when doing lateral raises dont let yourself hunch and just "throw" them up but really pull out with your shoulders and turn at the end like you're pouring a pitcher. This made a big difference for me.


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