Not ambitious enuff for a wrk out log but here

  1. Not ambitious enuff for a wrk out log but here

    This is what I did today... Monday and Thursdays are chest and back.

    All supersets. 4 supersets each. in other words **, A2, A3, rest next **, A2, A3, next **, A2, A3, rest, then to B1 etc...

    **: Bench Press.135x12, 225x4, 185x6, 185x4
    A2: Cable crossovers 50x10, 70x8, 70x8, 50x6
    A3: Resistance Band press. (two black bands) 12, 10, 10, 10

    B1: Barbell Row. 135x12, 175x8, 155x8, 135x8
    B2: DB row 35x12, 50x8, 60x8, 60x6
    B3: Resistance Band Row. (2 blk bands) 12, 12, 10, 10

    C1: Military Press standing barbell. 65x10, 85x8, 85x8, 65x6
    C2: Sitting db presses (2) 35x10, 35x10, 35x6, 25x6
    C3: standing band presses (2 black bands) 12, 10, 10, 8

    D1: Weighted Pull Ups. 15lbs in back pack. 12, 10, 10, 8
    D2: Lat Pull down. 100x10, 140x8, 120x8, 100x6

    E1: Diamond Push Ups. 20, 20, 18, 12

    5 minutes eliptical cool down. 2min level 4, 1min level6, 2 minutes level 4...

    Took a about hour 20 minutes...

    Good bad or ugly?

  2. Well if the B's and D's are all you do for your back, I say bad and ugly.

    Deadlift, man, deadlift!!
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  3. I do deadlifts in tuesdays and fridays. One of my favorite things!

  4. Tuesdays and Thursdays wednesday is HIIT and abs and Saturdays, Sunday off... Next week this will all change.

    **: Frontal Squat.
    A2: Single leg Squat w/ dumbells
    A3: Jump Squat.

    B1: Deadlift (original).
    B2: Sumo deadlift.
    B2: Hamstring Curl.

    C1: Dumbbell Step Up.
    C2: Dumbbell Lunges.

    E1: Calf Raise (Dumbbells)
    E2: Plank (30 – 45 seconds hold)

    Eliptical warm down...Stretch

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