Shoulder spasm??

  1. Shoulder spasm??

    Ok guys i know this may not be the correct palce for this and i apologize in advance... but I have been having a slight pain and cracking in both of my shoulders for as long as i can remember but i have been able to work through without any real hindering pain.... today as i was doing a warmup set for incline dumbell bench press at full extension it felt like my shoulder muscle tigjtened so much so that i had to drop the weight and couldnt raise my arm straight up period. I would raise it abit and feel it tense up like crazy n pain came... felt almost like a charlie horse you get in your calves... My question is is this possible as I was able to complete the workout i dropped the weight but its way under what i can do I was just being cautios ..... Any response would be greatly appreciated!


  2. first of more than likely ur shoulders are bad from benching with bad form. Start warming up rotator cuffs and also strengthen rotator cuffs at the end of the workout. make sure ur push/pull movements are balanced in ur workout. Face pulls and rear delt raises are ur friend... Also watch dave tates 6 week bench cure bench like that doesnt matter if ur a BB or a PL. personally id drop incline till my shoulders felt better because they stress shoulders more.

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