preventing muscle catabolism?

  1. preventing muscle catabolism?

    Hi everyone,

    well, im currently in pre training for track n field as a sprinter doing the 100m. I spent all summer packing on quality muscle and now im afraid to loose it.
    We currently train Mon, Tues, and Thurs.. mostly consisting of circuits and 70-80% intensity runs. for instance, today we did 3lap warmup, dynamic stretching, hurdle drills, ladders at 75% of 200m,300m,400m, and back down, core workout.

    I take ON AMINO 2222 Tabs and a Cliff Bar right before practice, and drink a mix of 2tbls honey, 1scp of BCAA in water throughout the training session and a my post workout drink is 1 scoop of Waxymaize, Whey, BCAA, and GLUTAMINE. My question is am i doing enough to staff off muscle catabolism? Its been 3 weeks now and i feel smaller, but everyone says im just burning off the excess fat and im def getting leaner. I am still working hard in the weight room and doing everything right and getting stronger but i really stressing on getting smaller... im still trying to pack on muscle.
    So basically im asking if im doing enough to staff of muscle catabolism, and if not what else should i do?

    Thanks so much

  2. Sprinting is probably burning alot of calories, so if you want to keep "packing on muscle'', you'll hafta eat more than what your burning.

    But BCAA's and protein is a good idea.
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  3. waynaferd said it best. FOCUS ON EATING!!! You sound educated as to proper supplements and what not which is a great thing. Just don't forget about the value of food. If you want to focus on keeping that muscle make sure you're taking in enough carbs throughout the day to match your heavy activity levels. Experiment to find what feels right to you as far as amount of calories to take in as well.

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