Arms going numb from squats

  1. Arms going numb from squats

    Lately I've noticed that my arms seem to be going numb during my squats. I'm kinda worried that my hands will go completely numb and I may drop the bar mid-set. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what I can do to avoid the numbness? It seems to only happen when I'm squatting heavy and I refuse to go lighter. I searched and couldn't find any pertinent info. Thanks.

  2. The first thing I would do is try lighter weight or adjust my grip.

  3. my arms do that too, i just kinda ignore it. its not exactly my arms, its my shoulders. its an odd feeling and hard to describe.

  4. do u use a shoulder pad on the bar?

  5. I like doing low bar squats.

  6. This happened to me once when I hit 415 for reps, first time I had tried anything over 380 on squuats...this was yeaaaars ago when I squatted religiously. I passed out shrtly after for about 20 seconds or so. I think. at least that's what my wo partner told me....vomited later and I was good to go from that point on...i hadn't eaten for several hrs befoe my wo that day...and I was happens but if it becomes ordinary than I would get a physical and panel done.

  7. Shiiiit, I have no idea why I see letters I hit on my treo but when I hit post then my damn letters are doubled or missing....
    Time for a nnew phone

  8. Try moving the bar higher or lower, you might be pinching something.

    I hate pads, and once I was over 400 for reps I started kicking my elbows back and putting some weight on to my tris....not much, but it seems to not leave red marks on my shoulders anymore. Give it a try, it just may help!!
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  9. It sounds like your collar bone being pulled down onto the top of the ribcage and compressing the nerves. Similar to Thoracic Outlet syndrome maybe?

  10. it is because you are putting too much pressure on your spinal cord, try to adjust your form a little bit, or go for more reps and less weight. if both of these options cannot be established, your just goning to have to man up i guess arms get numb toooooo

  11. Are you using any padding under the bar? That can help.


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