1. workout?

    i am looking for a 5 day work out i want one day for legs,arms,chest,shoulders,and back i just am not exactly sure how to break it guys have any tips?

  2. anyone

  3. Maybe Chest, Legs, Arms, Shoulders, Back...

    Are you looking for exercises as well?

  4. I'd split it up Day1: Chest Day 2: Back Day 3: Shoulders Days 4: Legs Day 5: Arms Day 6,7 Rest and then repeat.

    Here are some exercises to choose from:

    Shoulder Press
    Rear Flyes
    Front Raises
    Side Raises
    Upright Rows

    Bent-Over Rows
    Straight Arm Pull-down
    Seated Row
    Wide-Grip Pull-downs
    Wide-Grip Rows
    One-Armed Dumbell Rows

    Incline Bench
    Flat Bench
    Decline Bench
    Flyes (incline/decline/flat)
    Cross-overs (same as decline flye)

    Leg Press
    Leg Extensions
    Leg Curls

    Heavy Bar Curls
    Close-Grip Bench
    Hammer Curls
    Wide-Grip Incline Curls
    Reverse Grip Push-downs

  5. that is my workout cept i do dl on leg day

  6. If that is your work-out I would lower your volume a bit. Especially on the back day because I thought of more exercises. Leg day, keep it at two quad exercises and two hamstring exercises. Maybe do Deadlifts on back day and straight-leg deadlifts on leg day.

  7. ok thanks man


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