dead lifts & squats

  1. dead lifts & squats

    I've got a bad lower back and am hesitant to do squats and dead lifts. Would it be better to include them with low weight or find alternatives with heavy weight?

  2. ive had chronic lower back pain for about 12 years and my back doesnt hurt when i squat or DL. i think that IF your form is correct, you shouldnt experience any pain. for me personally, flexibility had ALOT to do with it. especially if you are tall like i am. im 6 3 6 4ish and im very stiff even though i stretch and foam roll often and i noticed that when i was tighter , squatting was more difficult.

    id start out light and concentrate on excellent form and make sure to stretch/warm up properly and see how you feel. then go from there. hope this helps.
    deadlift or DONT lift

  3. agree with omega.

    i have sciatica and some spinme problem cant remember (strightened my lumbar spine) it actually got better with a lot of hamstring stretching as well as building up on the deadlifts to get my lower back strong. i still wake up with pain sometimes and if it falls on a back day i just do a different thickness exercise.

    stretch, make sure form is perfect, start off light, and pinpoint weakness' on your body and try and bring them up to par.

  4. I agree with both above posters. Lower the weigh and focus on form, this will help your lower back.

    If you avoid squats and DL your back will become weaker in my opinion, and that would be worse in the long run.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jmoney02 View Post
    I've got a bad lower back and am hesitant to do squats and dead lifts. Would it be better to include them with low weight or find alternatives with heavy weight?
    Agreed with all other posters re being better to include them in your resistance training programme, because if you do not you are missing out on 2 of the 3 biggest exercises. Start off with a weight that you can handle. Select a rep range (i.e. 10-12 reps) and do them for 3-4 sets with PERFECT form. Concentrate on your FORM. Once you can do them, then increase the weight. I would also recommend doing each exercise on a DIFFERENT day (i.e. not in the same session).

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  6. I also have a chronic back problem and have had a couple of lower back surgeries (Car accident, long story..). I also thought about cutting out deadlifts altogether from my routine but it's too important of an exercise to cut out completely. I usually start with a very light weight, concentrating on my form (Start with just the bar or light dumbbells). I still can't dead lift a lot but i just concentrate on my form, reps and, intensity. For squats, try doing it on a smith machine first, and then slowly cycle off on to a free bar.

  7. GHR's really helped my back pains...They are non-existent now.

  8. I have pretty bad scoliosis. With proper form, as long as you aren't lifting insanely heavy, these shouldn't be a problem. If anything they make your back feel better. They do for me anyway. *shrug*

  9. Very good post OMEGA. Squats and Deads are excellent for core strength and will actually strengthen your core with proper form. The key is proper form and flexibility. Get a foam roller. Learn how to use one. Use it often. Keep your quads, hams, innner thighs, IT bands, piriformis, hip flexors loose. These are keys to proper squating form. Don't worry about heavy weight. Worry about proper form and activation of the right muscles. I don't reccommend barbell squats to people with lower back issues as it puts more pressure on the spine but you'll have to see how you feel. Deads are still ok because you have no force coming on the spine from the top. Listen to your body though. If it don't feel right don't do it. There are alternatives.
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  10. make sure u pick the perfect weight to use.. my form feels bad with weights that are too light. 135,185 feel ****ty when i warm up. 225 on it feels great. so make sure ur not going to light and go heavy enough so your form stays in tact for the amount of reps u want to hit

  11. My back problems improved when I started deadlifting (light weight at first.)

    Just sayin.

  12. Ya I say make sure ur form is on point before u think about going too heavy. I like to ice my back and go to a chiropractor monthly for adjustments which has def helped with low back pain.

  13. bad lower back is not a medical term that i know of, do you have an injury that keeps you from doing these.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by jmoney02 View Post
    I've got a bad lower back and am hesitant to do squats and dead lifts. Would it be better to include them with low weight or find alternatives with heavy weight?
    Use higher reps, 20 rep squats and dl's are a killer.
    Will add muscle, beware!

  15. Arthritis in my lower nback is my claim to fame... I also have a 10 degree curveture. GOOD TIMES!

    For years I used this as an excuse NOT to perform squats or deadlifts. But once I convinced myself that it needed to be done. It actually has helped.

    Like mentioned befoer perform lower weights build up your strength. Once you are confident and feel strong throw in some heavy days. It really does help. Always stretch well prior.


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