Pulled Muscle

  1. Pulled Muscle

    Hey all, Been a while since I've been on here but I got a nagging problem. Several weeks ago, Sept 22, to be exact, I was doing a run and pulled a muscle in my upper back, just to the lower left of my right shoulder blade. It has been nearly 3 weeks now and I cant seem to get it to go away. Done Ice and Heat took a week off from gym and it is still nagging me. Any suggestions?

  2. Have you gone to a chiro? Typically for me, its hard to pull that muscle if not lifting. It sounds like a pinched nerve. I get them every so often, and nothing helps except getting adjusted to release the pinched nerve.

  3. I have had that exact feeling before. I keep stretching it through the day. Grab my arm behind my elbow(in most cases my right) with my left hand and pull it across my chest. It stretches that exact spot for me. While doing this I tilt my head to the left. That stretches the muscles in my neck.

    Lastly geta massage...

  4. Went to Chiro twice it was still hurting so went to doctor and found out I actually have two fractured ribs. What a b****. Now I'm out from the gym even longer. Hoping to try to start working out with light weights next week. Thanks for the info. I try to to give those stretches a try Rab.

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