critique my workout program pls

  1. critique my workout program pls

    I workout 5 days a week mon - fri and take sat and sun as rest days.

    mon: legs
    squats 3x10
    machine squat shoulder press 4x10
    calf raises 3x20
    db lunge 3x10
    leg ext 3x10

    tue: shoulders
    db shoulder press 3x10
    db arnold press 3x10
    upright rows 3x10
    db lateral raise 3x10
    db front raise 3x10

    wed: chest
    db press 3x10
    db incline press 3x10
    db fly 3x10
    db incline fly 3x10
    burnout on pec deck

    thur: back
    deadlift 3x10
    db bentover rows 3x10
    hammerstrength close grip row 3x10
    hammerstrength wide grip row 3x10
    lat pull down 3x10
    burnout pullups

    fri: arms
    ez bar curls 3x10
    incline seated db curl 3x10
    hammer curl 3x10
    nose crusher 3x10
    close grip tricep extension 3x10
    underhand grip tricep extension 3x10
    burnout dips

    I'd say I'm getting good gains from it, burning fat and putting on muscle. However I would like to see what you vets have to say.

  2. 30min hiit cardio eod

  3. How long have you been doing this and how is your recovery so far? Be careful, as a lot of people would be susceptible to overtraining from something like this. Try to take week every 5 or 6 weeks of doing just low to medium intensity exercises.

  4. I've been working this routine for a couple months now so it's probably time for a changeup. Recovery is great. What's the best way to tell if you are overtraining?

  5. You sound good then Usually, chronic fatigue, increased muscle and joint soreness, loss of strength are all common symptoms of overtraining. It's just the bodys way of saying "Gimme a break!!"

    If you like the routine so far you should try switching it up a bit to confuse your body's muscles. Or do a full week of lower intensity so that your body can fully recover its CNS before going back into full intensity again.



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