In need of serious pec help

  1. In need of serious pec help

    my pecs have been working fine, lifting the load on the bench press, pec deck, everything. now suddenly that i can bench 145 for 10 reps ( i know its not much, dont criticize that, im not here to be made fun of) my shoulders decided they need to take all the load. On everything i do i use my shoulders, flyes, flat bench, incline bench, pec deck. my pecs have disappeared from the picture. They dont get sore anymore, ive changed my workout everytime i go in and get nothing. its not so much me shoulder as it is like the little area in between my shoulder and pec.

  2. whats your question?

  3. how can i work my pecs instead of my shoulders?

  4. Keep your scapulae pushed together throughout the motion and have a slight arch in your lower back (just enough to fit a fist).
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. Thats good advice ^^^^^^^^.

    Also, post up your chest workout that you are doing, without any backround info, I would take a stab in the dark and say drop the pec deck, do your warmup/streching, do dumbell inclines first, then flat flyes, then flat bench, then finish with some cable crossovers, see if that changes how you feel when you are finished, see if you get sore at all.
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