Injury question- Please Help

  1. Injury question- Please Help

    Two weeks ago I was doing floor presses with 315 lbs. Not a heavy weight for me as I have done this for reps before Ican can flat bench this weight for multiple sets of 8 reps so Iknow Im over not over doing it.

    I do a set of 5 reps with 315 on the floor press and the last 2 reps or so I feel some slight pain and discomfort in my left pec but nothing drastic. I did not think much of it. Being a stubborn #%@# I loaded up 335 which I have also handled before in the floor press for reps and took it down for the first rep and felt an acute burning sensation in my left pec and it hurt a bit more so I racked the weight and stopped.

    I took the rest of the week off and did not lift chest at all last week. Today, Thursday was my first day back in the gym. I warmed up with the bar for 2 sets in the flat bench trying to cautious and put on 135. I felt a a little bit of discomfort but I would not call it pain. I went up to 225 and did 2 reps which i would describe a slightly painful. I did not feel the burning sensation as I had two weeks before but I stopped.

    I have talked to a number of guys i know and researched torn pecs on the internet and I don't believe its torn as I have no black and blueing and there is no abnormal appearance in my left pec as compared in my right pec as i have seen in alot of internet photos and no I have not gone to the doctor yet.

    Anyone have any ideas as to what I may be going through or what my problem is with my left pec?


  2. unless ure taking a full week off between chest days this is gonna happen quite freqeuntly. I would say dont bench for another four weeks or so...maybe do some push ups if there is absolutly no pain within two weeks. That burning and crummy feeling is ure muscles being torn....when u have a pull or even a strain muscle fibers are torn. A torn pec is just super severe and plenty of fibers being torn. By benching again u already rehurt your pec and the healing process. U need to rest and not do any lat pull downs or anything that in anyway uses ure pec.

    i hurt mine in december of last year and it still bothers me a lot and i took about four weeks off after. it needs to scar over and u have to severly warm up and foam roll it. There doesnt have to black and blueing for a serious pec injury

    best of luck

  3. i had a similar situation and ignored it, only to end up tearing my quad! for about 2 months i had this nagging pain in my thigh, and just pushed through it, talked to a sports med guy he said it was probably fine (in hind sight i should have gone to the Doc) anyway i was squatting 550 which was nothing as i was squatting 1rm @ 615-620 (just prior to feeling the pain) and going for my second rep when i feel/hear SNAP, SNAP. collapsed got carried to my truck where my wife took me to the hospital, the ortho told me ruptured quads, and 6 months later still hurting. so in short GET IT CHECKED!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. amen man, good luck...get the scar tissue out

  5. What is the process they go through to check for a tear? X Ray, MRI??

    Thanks for the help

  6. depends on what kind of tear...if ya think u have an avlusion (bone ripping off) a x ray could be helpful. Otherwise its useless and u need an mri. I doubt unless ure an athlete or wana pay out of pocket ure insurance will cover u for an mri on ure pec. Its kinda useless as it wont help u with anything. Its as simply as dont use ure pec at all until it feels 110 % and then go about 90% less of where u were. It could be months until u bench again bud and that may just be the bar. It may be a tiny burning sensation and not seem bad, but trust me its serious.

    Best of Luck

  7. Quote Originally Posted by gotbench600 View Post
    What is the process they go through to check for a tear? X Ray, MRI??

    Thanks for the help
    just like Pav said, x-ray will only tell you if there was a separation from the bone, mri will reveal the tear if it is in the belly of the muscle or anywhere for that. pain in the ass too! i had to lay there motionless for an hour for my last mri

  8. yeah dude pec or any shoulder one is not gonna be fun...especially if ure a big guy. Id say not to get one though as its not gonna tell u much.

  9. I've had an MRI before for my shoulder a few years ago and my shoulders were rubbing on the sides of it. I did not like it at all.

    I saw my doc today and explained what happened and she agrees that I probably have a minor tear that just needs time to heel and then work my way back into it....which sucks because I was planning on doing a short training cycle this november to get an idea of where I'm at before I start my full blown regimine for a bench press meet at the end of January.

    Thanks for the help

  10. yeah no prob man....injuries suck im layed up in bed right now with the acl. look into a foam roller for ure pec. good luck


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