rest/ pause...heavy singles for size/strength

  1. rest/ pause...heavy singles for size/strength

    Im currently doing the Mark Rippetoe starting strength workout but realizing it might be too begginner. I have a shoulder injury im nursing so i pulled both bench and the military press out. Im thinking about starting to do the whole workout in rest pause or heavy singles style

    in other words:

    day 1
    15x1 90 percent max 30 second breaks

    5x1 90 percent max 30 second breaks

    15x1 90 percent max....

    same thing for the rest of the days consisting of

    front squat
    bent row

    3x8 of hypers every workout

    then back to the day 1 workout

    each week you start with the opposite workout. Its the same exact workout as starting strength i just cut the work sets and turned it into one big rest pause set. Or i might take bigger breaks and do it like heavy singles.

    any input or experience with heavy singles?

  2. If yu have a shoulder injury, why are you doing heavy lines in dips? Why not get the shoulder better? If you feel you are "too beginner " then you need to actually think this through. Do the program as laid out but just cut back on some weight if something bothers you.

    Some more newbie advice for you : no pain no gain if related to working through an injury is stupid. Most newb injuries come from improper form. So make sure you are doing the lifts correctly and working the intended muscles correctly.

  3. just curious but how did you hurt your shoulder?

  4. Its a chronic rtc problem from grappling. Been doing my rtc protocol including internal external rotations, etc for a few months. I should have included it but the rest pause or heavy singles is more for the squats and deads, both of which I have no shoulder pain during or after. Chinups, dips, and rows im going to play with and see what I can handle. Shoulder pain is isolated to movements that include my arms going above perpendicular to my body. so any shoulder pressing is definetely out and bench ive taken out as a precautionary measure do to the amount of force it generates on the anterior delt. With the dips I played with them and it seems that if I maintain strict form (bringing my knees up into my chest alleviating much of the pressure on the shoulder and distributing it into the tricep primarily rather than leaning forward and puting undo stress on shoulder region) and limit the depth of the dip itself I have not experienced any pain. I will not be adding weight to these unless they remain pain free for some time. If I begin to experience pain I will pry switch to a cable tricep pressdown.

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