rate my new routine

  1. rate my new routine

    Wassup guys, about to start a bulk, I'll be supplementing with AP, Prime, and Jack3d. Cardio will consist of sled-pulling, and sprinting done throughout the week. As far as my program goes its a 4 day split:

    day 1 - Chest and bi's
    incline db press
    smith machine incline (bc I work out by myself)
    decline db flies
    cable flys
    seated db curls
    hammer curls
    cable concentration curls
    (Sometimes ill replace hammer curls with hammering away with a sledgehammer at a tire for 3 intervals)

    day 2 - Back & Abs
    close grip deadlift
    seated rows
    full range lat pulldown with cables
    rack deadlifts

    day 3 - rest

    day 4 - shoulders and tri's
    dumbbell press
    standing overhead barbell press
    front cable raises with bar
    face pulls
    weighted dips
    half presses

    day 5 - legs
    walking lunges
    leg presses (45 degrees)
    hip thrusts
    leg curls
    calf raises

    day 6 - rest

    Any suggestions or thoughts? Thx alot!

  2. Looks good for the start bro, personally, if you can do dips and chinups/pullups, do those instead! I do dips for chest instead of any decline chest exercises, hits it better

    I personally put shoulders in leg day and ganged up arms in to an "ARM" day.
    but whatever you prefer is good.
    exercises look solid, (Was gonna comment on the smith but I know the feeling, same here bro, Home gym!)

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