fast twich quit on me

  1. fast twich quit on me


    I been having problems on my tuesday workouts. My schedule is rather intense, so my workout window is 4am to 5.15am. I hit the rack at about 22:00. Okay, my tuesday workout is strictly chest and delts. Im running a program for flat bench press at 10reps at 50% max, 8reps at 60%, 6reps at 70%, 4reps at 80%, 2 reps at 90% and rep until failure at 50%max weight. However, my rep explosiveness is incredibly low. I feel like something is wrong here. My workout days limit my sleep, but ive had worse, and never had a fast twich problem. its difficult to explain, but i feel like im operating at 70% here. My trainer thinks its in my head, but i really dont think so. any ideas? My diet is up to par (3300cals, 6meals, 320g protein, 190g carbs, 14gfat). My stress level is at an all time low as well, could this be a factor? im not on any AAS/PH or any kind of hormone adjustment, im all natural for right now.

  2. how the hell are u taking in that many calories and grams of protien and it only equals 14 grams of fat thats not possible

  3. chicken breasts. label: 38g protien, 1.5 grams of fat. i lost my sense of taste a while back, not 100% but everything tastes like either plain mashed potatoes or an strange acidic/liver taste.

  4. It doesn't add up to 3300 cals. You protein and carbs only equal 2040. That leaves 1260 fat calories, which equals 140 g of fat. Are you sure its not a typo?

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