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  1. Workout Opinion

    I've recently been doing a workout with anywhere from two five warm up sets per body part and one set until failure using rest pause. I was wondering if afterwards throwing in a couple sets of low weight, high reps would do anything to stimulate the muscles even further and wouldn't be considered over training?

    For example

    2-5 warm up sets using bench press.
    then maxing out with say 225 on the bench using r/p to hit 8,4,2.
    followed by dumbell presses doing 2 sets of 15 reps with 45 ib dumbells.

  2. Are you trying to follow a DC program or just a hodge podge split. If it is DC just stick to it. Go all out each workout and you won't need the extra sets. The growth comes during recovery, not while lifting. It also depends on your goals.

  3. Alright thanks. I'm just trying to put on serious mass. I'm doing dc training and you're right, I went to the gym after posting this and beat the **** out of myself to where I couldn't lift another weight.

  4. There is a reason the program is designed amd played out specifically the way it is. Stick to it get plenty of protein and plenty of rest. It will put mass on you if you have the calories to support it.

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