R chest not activating..? Advice please..

  1. Question R chest not activating..? Advice please..

    I have good development in the left peck but the right side is lagging behind for some reason. I do have a bit of curvature in my spine but it just seems strange that I'm unable to activate the right side..
    Now to make it even more difficult to diagnose, I have good development in my back on the right side and not the left..
    With that said it could be because of my spine but I'd like any input anyone may have.
    I've been working out for the past 7 years on and off.. Very dedicated in the last two years. I'm seeing great results with all the programs I've run through but this chest problem bothers me.

  2. Is one tricep or arm bigger/stronger than the other? That would make a diff., if your arm is doing more than your pec. On really heavy (for me) benches I 'll feel it more in one arm than the other, and more on one side of the chest than the other as well.
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  3. Not really.. My inner tricep head on the right arm is a little more developed but not enough to speak of.. It really is contained in the chest... I've also had some shoulder issues and noticed that when I lift heavy I tend to raise my right shoulder above normal position.
    I've been doing my best to lift less weight with dumbbells but use perfect form and get equal stretch in both sides.

  4. dude i have this same problem, my right arm is dominate and is bigger and so is my right pec. when i bench i really have to concentrate to get my left peck activated, my right pec gets soo pumpd and just gets bigger while my left pec laggs

  5. Do unilateral work.

  6. I've started doing alternating dumbbell presses and free motion alternating press. It seems to help when I'm able to use some of the better press machines also to take out any variation in the movement. I just hate machines overall...

  7. I have this problem with my left lat, the only thing that helped me was to concentrate on the muscle. For example, I stopped doing lat pull downs and switched to isolated cable rows. I noticed a difference with this training ideology.

  8. a lot of people deal with this, its just how we are
    one shoulder hurts, one bicep is stronger etc etc

    not much you can do, you can try unilateral work but your left will prob still just perform better on the unilateral work and your right arm will still overcompensate when you work that side

    i think mind muscle is important, my lat was like aprevious posters as well. i dropped the weight for a month closed my eyes and used only my lat to pull down the bar, imagining my arms were just a hook. helped a lot and now back on bigger weights it helped. actually feel like my right lat is behind now haha.


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