Bench Shirt Query

  1. Bench Shirt Query

    I don't compete in events and am unlikely to do mostly to geography. However I do a "dino" style workout and love triples, doubles, and singles.

    My problem is this: on my way to 300lbs (stuck at 297.5) I've torn my right rotator cuff 2x's and my left once. Now when I do flat or decline presses I get pain deep under my front delt. (not on presses, dips, inclines or cleans though which seems odd).

    Mostly, I think this is from improper form though my shoulder might be a bit shallow. I don't want to stop benching. While I will now bring my elbows in tighter the horse is already out of the barn, as it were.

    I was thinking a bench shirt, say a Straight Blast (the "lightest" one) that's a size to large would be good for supporting my shoulders?

    I don't want a tight one or to specialize in shirt-bench technique lifting. I don't even really care if the shirt jumps my single up (though breaking 300lbs after years would be nice).

    I just want to put it on by myself, put a sweatshirt over it and train normally--but with the shoulder given some good support when I <5 reps (or *any* reps at this point when supine). No arms thrown out in front of me like a T-Rex and no 3-man team needed to stuff me in.

    Is my idea a plausible one or is the bench shirt simply an event device not meant to be used this way?

    Thanks wise ones.

  2. i am sure anything can work, i know dave tate had some funky shirt with no sleeves for this purpose. I would try and work on your shoulders though and get your rotators fixed. I have never liked the idea of using a blast shirt for this reason, it has been tossed around many times. The shirt is cheap though, you can always try it out.

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