Figuring out which workout works

  1. Figuring out which workout works

    So I'm about to start my mass building stack and want a workout that works.

    I'm considering the 5x5, HIT, or DC training.

    My goals are to put on as much mass as possible in 3 months.

    Which do you recommend?

  2. how experienced are you in working out?

    If it's your first year I dont think it matters that much since you'll make gains from pretty much anything (you havent plateau'd yet).

    Mass is less about what workouts you do, and more about what you're eating. Protein, protein, protein

    That's just my opinion without knowing anything about you

  3. I've been working out for 3 years now. The only thing is I've usually just made up my own routines and didn't follow any programs.

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