Need some help.., anyone ??

  1. Need some help.., anyone ??

    i've done three cycles in the past year, 2x of M-drol, 1x of Epistane to H-drol (Havoc, whatever, same stuff).
    i've used tamoxifen and clomid like i needed to after each cycle.

    im pretty sure it's not gyno, i've seen pics of it and it looks NOTHING at all like what i've seen. but my chest isn't as rounded out as it should be. I bench in the 265-285lb area, im 5 foot 8-9 inches tall, weigh 175 lbs roughly, depends what i eat before i weigh myself. anyway my nips dont "itch", they dont hurt when i sleep face down at night which obv would apply pressure to chest area.. theres no "hard" surface behind the nipple, just soft tissue that doesn't hurt unless i really press down into it, and even then the pain is maybe a 1 on a 10 scale..

    what im wondering is, should i just try and trim down and lose some body fat to get a shaplier chest? or is this gyno and i just don't know it yet? im currently probably between 8.5-10% body fat.

  2. So you have no signs other than a chest that is not as round?
    Your BF doesn't matter in terms of % so much as where your body stores your fat. It could be just the extra stores of fat in your chest. I know mine has always stored more fat and because of that it looks sliiiiiightly out of round unless I get down to a true 6% BF range.

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