Over trained?

  1. Over trained?

    Welp, I've been getting back to heavy weights since my first real cut for about a month now..However this week has been the most horrible workouts i've ever had, bad enough that after a set i just want to leave the gym then return shortly after with a can of gasoline and set it a blaze. I'm literally gained 40 pounds on all my lifts and now i'm 50 pounds lighter, and by the end of my workouts im literally sucking wind. I've also tried a new split but i;ve been on it for 4 weeks now which is Monday/tues on wensday off thurs/fri on sat/sun off. before my split was monday on, tuesday off, wensday on/thurs on fri off sat on, i mean heavy rock music blasting in my ear drums and i'm just eh..One thing though I took a natty test booster for aobut a week but got off i tbecause I wanted to get my anxiety in check before any test supplementation So maybe that messed me up for a little?

    I'm taking a week off now to see how it does me

  2. Doesn't sound like overtraining, hows your energy/diet?

  3. Well my diets always stayed a constant except for on the cut, pretty much Dirty bulk, very carb rich diet. Energys been decent. I went from 4+ cups of coffee a day to zero though a few weeks ago though withdrawl? haha no Idea man..One thing i've doen different is very heavy deadlifts weekly..I'm wondering if it's taxing me out maybe i hjave to cycle them

  4. Could be the deadlifts, heavy deadlifts are very taxing on the body, most people need at least 1 week between heavy deadlifts, you might need more.

  5. heavy deads are very taxing. take 3 days days offf eat watever u want and be lazy..Try lifting again on the 4th day... For me when im heavy DL i can tell by how my reps on 315 go if im ready to DL for that day or not.



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