Labral Tear / Rear Delt Flys

  1. Labral Tear / Rear Delt Flys

    I played a year of college basketball and lost my scholarship because of a right labral tear in my shoulder. I went through 2 years of physical therapy/rehab that pretty much did nothing. A few amateur bodybuilder buds of mine showed me different rear delt fly workouts that strengthen that area of the shoulder as well as different small support muscles. I stay away from rear delt flys with dumbbells because I feel like they put too much stress on my ligaments and joints; so I've just been using machines. My shoulder has been nagging me as of late because I have been going way heavier than usual because I am on cycle once again. My question is: What exercises and techniques have you used to help recover from a rotator cuff / shoulder injury?

  2. Did you get the tear in the labrum fixed? The key to keeping things healthy will be balance across the joint and maintaining flexibility and range of motion. There are a bunch of things you can do for the rear delts/upper back including face pulls, rear laterals, H-rolls, shoulder horn, etc... Do a search if you're not sure what those different exercises are. Also, rear laterals with DB's shouldn't be any harder on the joint than a machine. With all these exercises it's generally best to use light weights for sets of 15-20 reps. Also make sure you are stretching the pecs, lats, and shoulders (daily if needed). You may also look at getting some indian clubs. They allow circular motions and help with overall shoulder health and range of motion.
    With all that being said, the shoulder may give you trouble off and on when you are lifting heavy no matter what you do given your injury history.

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