Pyramid or Reverse Pyramid Benching?

  1. Pyramid or Reverse Pyramid Benching?

    I like Reverse Pyramid Benching the best, Which do you think is better?

  2. depnds on ur goals i know you hate that answer but, think about it if ur gonna try to max 300 on bench you would do a regular pyramid. U fatigue ur self and go heavy on the last set know hey if i get 265 x 5 after fatigued if i warm up and go for it, ill get 7-8 reps.. If your trying to say rep 225 x 30.. you can do working sets at 315 x 3 275 x 3 and then burnout with 225 and say u get it 18-20 times you know if u were fresh going at 225 u would get 26ish.

    Now those numbers obviously werent exact but it depends on your goals variety of things.

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