1. hooks

    What do people think about the 1-Ton Lifting Hooks vs APT's ALUMINUM HOOK. I am looking for some just for my dead lifts and nothing more.

  2. Any one?

  3. I actually thought about investing in some hooks myself but I think straps do a better job. I have never used the book for what you are talking about but I am wonder how tight or loose it would be around the wrist.

    The only hooks I have are for the DB's that you can hang from a barbell and use them for pressing. Provides for some serious balancing issues as well.

  4. I've got some Altus Power Hooks. I love them. Easy on, easy off. Only problem is they don't allow you to just drop the weight like you can w/ straps. You actually have to put the weight on the floor/rack to release the tension. I've only used them during a long back day where my grip gives out near the end.

  5. Id only use it for dead lifts nothing more. Possible shrugs.



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