HELP! Pulled Calf Muscle

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    HELP! Pulled Calf Muscle

    I was running bleachers this evening and felt a pop in my right calf muscle. Mid back side. It's badly pulled. I rubbed DMSO on it. Can't fully extend it at all. I've heard that how such injuries are handled on the front end can make a difference in the down time. Any advice or home remedies? I'm not a patient patient about things that stop me from training. I'm sure y'all can relate.

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    Ice it down for 15 minutes, take it off for about an hour, then heat it for 15 minutes, wait an hour, ice it again. Wash , rinse, repeat. The ice controls swelling and the heat promotes circulation.

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    Okay, so it is not pulled. The pop I felt and heard indicated a tear. A bit of muscle tore from the tendon. I believe it's a level 2 tear. It's a common injury among sprinters, usually occurring as they leave the starting block. It will heal itself, but will take weeks to do so. Meanwhile I must baby it.

    THIS STINKS!!!!!!!!!

  4. Typically, as you have mentioned, a popping sound usually means a tendon tear/dislocation. Depending on the severity of the tear will determine if surgery is necessary. Regardless, I would seek a medical doctor's assistance.

  5. my orthopedics is a bit rusty, but generally you need a full thickness achilles tear for surgery. keeper noted the tear is mid body...not achilles. intrasubstance or myotendinous junction tears are treated conservatively, which she's doing.

    i wish you well keeper!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WheyGood View Post
    Emu oil penetrates deeply and is an anti-inflammatory. Blu Emu is a product available at many drug stores (and Walmart), but 100% emu oil might be the best thing for that in addition to the icing and rest.

    Injuries suck. :-(
    It so happens that I have some emu oil. Not that brand, but I will start applying it. Thank you very much.

  7. what happened to your avi keeper?


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