Tendonitis (Elbow)

  1. Tendonitis (Elbow)

    Does anyone know what to do for this besides rest? I got a shot in it two weeks ago and that helped somewhat. I took two weeks off from the gym and I lost 7 lbs. I'm not a heavy guy to begin with so that is killing me. I just hate to see a year and a half of hard work go down the tubes. MSM use to work for me, but it hasn't lately. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  2. Super Cissus by usplabs. Read dosing for acute pain. It worked for me and others I know. We don't know why exactly but it works.

  3. Supper Cissus Rx ^^^^^^^^like above said^^^^^^^^^

    Sh!t works wonders !!!!!!

    Once the pain goes away though, dont jump back into going too hard, start back slow, with lower weight. Give it time or you will reaggravate it.

  4. Ill give it a try. Thanks

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