Back Problems

  1. Back Problems

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this but here goes...

    Since last September I've been having reoccurring lower back problems. They initially started with bad deadlifting form, around January my back finally felt good enough to the point where I could start lifting again on my squat and my dead lift. Since then I've been meticulous with my deadlifting form and have finally shed the mindset of trying to pull more weight then pulling the weight rightly.

    In June I strained my back again deadlifting and since then its put a kabosh on any lower body movements. Finally last month I went to respected sports orthopedic surgeon in my area and he diagnosed me with a moderate back strain and some possible mild disk degeneration. I didn't get x-rays because of crappy insurance deductibles, but more importantly I feel very confident with the doc's diagnosis because of his experience..

    I'm just curious as to what anyone who has had lower back strains has done to help alleviate the problem. Right now any form of weight lifting is out of the question because of this and other problems I have, so if anyone has some low impact exercises, stretches, or suggestions to help speed the healing process they would be greatly appreciated.

  2. once it starts to feel better, get your back stronger, start light. You are never going to help your back by trying to work around this "injury". The first thing i would suggest is trying to find a reverse hyper somewhere. But concentrate on movements that work the entire posterior. Glute ham raises, revere hypers, Good mornings, pullthroughs, some kettlebell work, hyperextensions, heavy ab work adn so on. Start light and keep lifting light for a while, slowly increasing weight.

    Bye the way, their are people with truly injured backs, but continue to lift pain free. The answer you got from your doc is pretty generic imo, we all probalby have the beginning of dsik problems, lol.

  3. Spinal decompression exercises. Just do a good search and you will find lots of info.

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