I was at a Body building show recently and all age groups were competing.
    What got me particularly interested was the Seniors category.

    I hope to be in good shape throughout my life but the training does seem to get harder as we get older .

    Looking at these guys who are over 50 had me wondering if their training was any different to say someone in their 30s and how is it different?

    Similarly with supplementation , is there some things that are more vital at an older age than when we are younger.

    Should older guys be using designer steroids for example, are they more risky to take for the 50 plus age group.

    We are all going to get there eventually so should we be making adjustments to our training , supplements in order to keep building muscle .

    If anyone has entered a BBcompetition and was over 50 , id like to hear from you especially.


  2. I dont have any personal experience to share but i imagine test boosters would be vital but im not really gonna say anything on supps for that age as i have no idea, but i saw this thread a while back about a bodybuilder thats 66 heres the link Getting My Kicks On "Route 66" i thought it was a nice thread he has his workout in there at begining maybe give you some perspective.

  3. Not in contests, but have trained and supped for decades. Im stronger now than I was at 27, before I started training. I think the key is to stay with it and vary supplements, we know more about various supps everyday these (supplements and exercise) are the fountain of youth if there is one. JMO

  4. I do not compete but I do love the iron. I am 47 and not to sound egotistical but I regularily get compliments that I look 35 yrs old & people do not belive me when I say I am 47 yrs old. I also get many envious stares from younger gals & guys at my gym. At my age I can say that what has become important is controlling estrogen & incorporating lots of cario which I used to hate & I know love. Never needed to do cardio before!

  5. Yes, there is something to it. While I dont get frequent mistakes or comments about age appearance, I know I am in better shape than my age group that do not and have not supplemented or exercised. There are changes in recouperative powers though, I recently lifted weights every 48 hours, after the seventh workout I was distinctly fatigued, had to take an extra 24 hours off and cut my sets by one third.

  6. I have never competed, but have hit the iron most of my life (approaching 56 yrs now). I believe it was Bruce Lee who said "You don't get faster as you get older, you get wiser." Very true statement. I am as strong, or stronger in some areas as I was in my 30's. I am very careful now to avoid injuries. I work out no more than 3 to 4 days a week for 45 to 60 minutes, but still go all out with maximum effort. My leg workout last Saturday required 3 days for full recovery. I do cardio on at least two days between workout days.

    I have experimented with many supplements. Some are amazingly effective, others not. My staples are creatine and whey protein and now TRT. I have never been super careful with diet, but try to avoid processed foods, sodas, sugar, etc. Lots of chicken, fish, lean meat, veggies, salads. I am more watchful of diet now than I used to be.
    In my younger days I knew some old time lifters/strong men, one who told me how he used to eat two dozen eggs a day. He could bend spikes and rip phone books in half...nickname "Moose," totally old school and made an impression on me.

    I frequently have younger guys in the gym asking me how I can do dips with considerable added weight, if I am really 55, etc. This indicates to me that I must be doing something right, and while I am by no means an expert, I offer advice when asked, with the warning that what has worked for me may not work for them.

    Looking back, I would have done my earlier training very differently with an emphasis on heavy compound lifts and MUCH less frequency. We live and learn. I really look forward to my workouts and try not to take it to seriously, but the quest for the pump is as strong as ever. Stay hungry!


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