Sports training-discussion wanted!

  1. Sports training-discussion wanted!

    Alright so today my church had the annual picnic. This entails football with the youth(well I played with em for kicks), volleyball(my love!), and some pretty heated basketball.

    I realized...DANGGG all those months of bulking, then running out of cash and having to sit out the last month and a half from anything= ow my heart just kerploded.

    So I was interested in peoples favorite sports training regimes for differant sports, or cross sports.

    I am into:

    I have done custom normal 3 day splits, using 3/10 sets all that normal junk, I have done 5x5, and also Optimum Volume Training(by far my favorite)

    So in my desires to reach 205, I realized I am losing all my cardiovascular abilities, my agility, my speed.

    Currently in the 160's, but on my frame that was alot(some of it is gut now) so I am holding off bulking now that I can afford gym/food again, and looking for an athletic peak, and then to do bulking later in the winter.

    Now that its laid out, I am intrigued what some of you do for your individual sports.

    Softball/basketball will be my main reasons for training, I was going to return to OVT training but was thinking that may or may not be the best choice. That crap leaves me tired 24/7 but produces quality mass.

    I have looked into many little programs, but I cant do anything normal anymore, I need challenges and some change up.

    Really I have a good idea or two in my head, I just want discussion because many of you have some rock solid routines that work for you.

  2. Well my passion is wrestling. This season I plan on doing basically a full body routine 3 times a week. Starting with squats(heavy set then 20 rep widowmaker). Then do a chest exercise. Followed by a back exercise. Then shoulders and probably super set arms. I will rotate my exercises to make sure I hit the muscles differently. Like some days deadlifts others pull ups.

  3. boxing/kickboxing/muay thai on weekends depending on rotation so I will not overtrain, and to stay somewhat lean, but not so much to lose crazy bodyfat, as you could consider me bulking righ now. I just love punching and kicking a bag, or sparing with someone.

  4. I love wrestling. U can inflict so much pain. Such a simple thing as a crossface can be used in varies situations and cause so much pain. I wish I didn't have to do so much coaching this year but I guess the JV team will have to be tough or GTFO!

  5. for volleyball, I believe interval training is the single best thing you can do for cardio fitness on the court.
    Think about it - each point is generally a short amount of high effort with a break in between. HIIT mirrors this, so you are really getting some sport-specific training for free with your HIIT.
    I do HIIT 4 times a week, run 10k 3 times a week, train 5x5 4 times a week, train for volley 3 times a week and train for muay thai 2-3 times a week.
    Smash up squats and deads and trying chucking in box jumps or tuck jumps after you complete each set - this will burn like a mofo and get your vertical through the roof!

  6. Yes a sports training discussion board would be awesome. Looking for some info on what kind of stuff the Major Slowpitch Softball players are doing in their off season conditoning.

  7. i do muay thai couple times a week love it. i almost alway try to think m thai into my lifting fx on chest days after bench and incline i do a couple off sets like im punching(throwing) the barbel up (in a smith machine so if i donīt catch it i wont chush my skull.
    and when i train leg i try to explode as much as posible.

    and run some high intensety interval 2- 3 times a week

  8. for any sports type trainging I believe you should stray from the typical routine, and stick with more of a full body or push pull type split and focus on full body complex movements and powerlifts such as deadlift, chinups, bentrows, clean+press, push press, snatch, high pulls, split squats, lunges, etc.. Doing isolation workouts I feel is a waste unless you are a competiting bodybuilder or lifting for looks, but for anyone involved in sports I think they are better off doing compund movements and focus more on functional strength.

    Also there is a really good book called "Training for Speed, Agility, and Quickness" and it outlines various drills and seperates routines based on your sport such as baseball, football, wrestling, boxing, etc. Got things like bleacher running, drop jumps, plyo drills, etc.. Real good book for any sports players. Also strength cardio like bodyweight complexes, burpees, complexs, area also great for a athlete

    And lasty I think some form of GPP training should be included at least once a week. This is your kettlebell workouts, sled drags, farmer walks, sledge hammer swings, etc..

    Try and design a week to include a little of everything is a little challenging. I try and design a 2 week workout and do full body 3x a week and first week do speed training and second week do gpp training. This also depends on your sport your involved in and how intense your session are. Like with judo, if I am active in training I cut back on the speed training and other workouts as that is very demanding.

    Best of luck to you and your training
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  9. Well I play soccer and if your looking to burn some fat and get quicker, sprints are the only that'll help. If you want to get a good strong core going to I'd recommend P90X for sports. I did it for soccer and even though I didn't like it because there wasn't much weight lifting involved I could definatley tell that my balance overall was improving too.

    Different grip pullups are always really good. My main thing when trying to improve for a sport is trying to be able to explode faster. Powercleans I think can help you out with that.


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