no upper body work for 3 months!! help!

  1. no upper body work for 3 months!! help!

    So ive had a plaguing shoulder problem for awhile and finally theyve said my only choice is surgery if i want to get back to near 100 percent. I wont be able to do any upper body lifting for around 3-4 months. I have to progress at something so i guess ill be absolutely murdering my legs. what kind of 3 day a week hardcore leg workout would you suggest? the weight on my back and shoulders wont be a problem for back squats but front squats might be out of the picture for awhile. Any suggestions for workouts to follow?

  2. I dont need surgery but im considering something similar just to let my irritated shoulders completely heal up. I guess it would be best to break it up like



    misc. calves/inner/outer thigh/ lower back?

  3. squat low volume high weight 3 times a week.

    Look at Rippetoe's 3x5 full body workout.

    And then throw in ham curls and quad movements and whatever else you want.

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