back pain?

  1. back pain?

    my lower back is killing. not when I stand up or anything but when I bend back. I cant bend foward easy but when I bend back it hurts. I'm not sure what its from but I know I couldn't run a full 5 mins for warm up becasue it started to hurt.

    tips to get rid of it? tips on where I should go? have you had this?

  2. I've hurt my lower back many times. I would say just rest for awhile and see what happens.

  3. Without knowing the cause of how you did it i'd suggest the following.

    Hit the abs hard with crunches on your bed. Hold the contraction for a 2-5 count and do them slow.

    Stretch out the hammies. Nice easy stretching till you get the same range of movement in both legs.

    I've had major back issues and these are the 2 things i do first if i start getting tight.

    Hope it works for you.

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