Two different routines for one muscle in one week?

  1. Two different routines for one muscle in one week?

    MY routine looks like this for now(i try to workout each muscle except legs twice a week)

    Day 1 Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
    Day 2 Back/Biceps/Forearms
    Day 3 off
    Day 4 off
    Day 5 Chest shoulders triceps
    Day 6 Back/biceps/Forearms
    Day 7 Legs
    Day 8 off
    Day 9 off
    Day 10 Repeat

    I was wondering if i should when i workout on the first day of chest focus on flat surface benching, flies, and dumbell presses, and on day 5 do all incline and maybe decline versions of chest exercises so i dont workout the same area more than once a week. Same with the biceps and back. One day for back focus on thickness and the other focus on width. For biceps, one day for the outer head and one for the inner. I am thinking this because i feel it might be overall better for the each part of the muscle worked out good in one week. What do you think and i do see good results doing twice a week.

  2. that's similar to what i do. you should be fine with that kind of setup. Hman suggested i train rear delts with back, as you need that muscle fresh to do pullups.

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