looking for big brothers/sisters for routines

  1. looking for big brothers/sisters for routines

    First of all I'm new to AM and this is my first post, but I have been reading a lot of the posts on here for a wile and most of you guy's know your stuff unlike a lot of the other forums. I am looking for some serious help from you guys and galls I have recently gotten back into working out after years of half as%ing it, and I have gotten totally hooked on working out. I've been at it seriously now for about six months, but I'm reaching a point here results and gains are just not there. so here is a little bit more about me...

    I'm 32 years old.
    I'm 6'3
    I weigh 220.
    Body fat is at 20%

    my diet consists of...(usually)
    I bran muffin or bran flakes with 12oz glass of orange juice and milk.
    - pre-lunch protein shake.
    _lunch- Tuna, a salad, and either grouper, or chicken.
    -pre diner protien shake(usually post workout)
    - Dinner- pork chops, or lean meat of some sort, mash potatos or pasta, and sometimes fish..no fresh water fish! usually grouper red snaper, mahi mahi...ect

    Any advice for workout plans, diets supliments ect... would be much appriciated.. you guy's rock!

  2. How have you BEEN training? time to switch it up. There are tons of options out there. At 20% BF I would cut if I were you. Keto diet plus higher rep/supersetting type workouts to burn more cals + cardio 3x per week.

  3. so max out reps?

    so your saying less weight more rep's and sets? should I go untill failure, or just stay with a 10 rep 10 set? anything besides standard bench and dips to shake up my chest work out would be appriciated. and thanks!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by radiojoe30 View Post
    so your saying less weight more rep's and sets? should I go untill failure, or just stay with a 10 rep 10 set? anything besides standard bench and dips to shake up my chest work out would be appriciated. and thanks!
    incline bench, flys and cable crossovers are all great for chest
    10 rep 10 set? are you doing GVT? I would just pick 3 exercises for a muscle group and do a weight you can get 8-12 reps of. Cut off carbs after 6pm and do cardio 3 x a week.
  5. Thanks for the advice

    Hey thanks so much. I'm not to sure what you mean by GVT? I've been working out with a duche bag that doesn't know ****e. he's only big cause he's on juice and most of the people at my gym that actually look like they know what thier doing are totally stuck up. so this place is my gonna have to be my trainer. LOL. o.k so to get this straight what your telling me is that I should pick a weight heavy enough just to do about 8-10 reps? what about sets? I went to the gym today and it had been about 72hrs since i worked chest and I was still so sore that after doing dips the pain was so bad that I had to just work legs. my tri's bi's and chest are really really sore. I don't know if I was doing something wrong or not last time cause I don't think you are suposed to be this sore. as far as curling goes...should I do the same? a lot of weight less reps? Tanks again

  6. To make it easy for you for now just shoot for 8-10 reps on everything for 3 sets. Once you can get 3 sets of ten on any exercise, bump up the weight. You can do a split or workout full body 3x per week. If you were to do a split do something like(3 exercises per muscle group):
    Weekends OFF
    or some variation of that. Make sure you're getting adequate rest definately don't hit a muscle if it's really sore.
    GVT is German Volume Training, I thought that's what you were doing because you said 10 reps 10 sets and that's what GVT is...
    You should have some great results at first, and then will begin to plateau. Then you will have to change things up. I would suggest keeping a log unless you can remember your weight/reps.
    Your diet looks decent, try to get 1gm of protein per lb. of body weight. Definately cut off carbs after 5, throw in some cardio and you'll lose some bf. Maybe switch to oatmeal for breakfast get slow digesting carbs in at the beginning of the day. Have some eggs with it.
    Also do the compound lifts make sure you're doing bench, squats and deadlifts. Hopefully that's enough to get you started, let me know if you have more ?'s.


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