Need help.

  1. Need help.

    I have never really taken supplements other than just a protein shake. With my workouts, I get what I need from that and eating. I really do not know that much about the better and stronger supplements out there, but would like to try them. What you all reccomend I start with or look at? My overall goal is to get up to about 205-210 lbs. I currently set between 185-190. And the main thing is I want to get bigger. I feel that I am getting stronger, but I dont feel like I am getting any bigger.

  2. if you aren't getting any bigger,but strength is going up, i would say you are not taking in enough total calories on a daily basis. as far as supplements, for now, i would recommend you continue with supplementing your protein as you are doing, add in a intra workout BCAA drink for increased stamina and recovery, and also a creatine supplement. there are many out there. personally, i use AX's AXCELL for my BCAA drink and Controlled Labs green magnitude for my creatine. these are 3 basic supp's that should help you, along with some good old fashioned chowin' down..

  3. Thanks.

  4. There are many things to consider. Training routine (sets/reps; volume/intensity), diet, possibly muscular dysmorphia?

  5. are you doing sets of 8-12 reps? are you focusing on compound movements? is your calories up to standard? these are really the only variables in the mass game.

    also, with regard to calories, you need a source of mono fats (nuts, olive/canola oil) and cholesterol (milk, eggs, cheese) to optimize your growth.

  6. 1-1.3 grams of protein per pound of LBM per day. What shake do you take? It's good to get one with BCAAs mixed in and L-Glutamine. This is supp step 1. Next, Creatine 5g pwo. I also like Green Magnitude by Controlled Labs. However, any good quality mono will cut it. Finally diet, diet, diet proper timing of carbs, good fats and protein (more whole foods the better) and your gains will pick up. Sets should be in the 8-10 rep range.


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