workout critique please

  1. workout critique please

    please critique my workout please... i do not have many leg exercises because i run roughly 3 miles a day.. is this an imbalance workout regimen and am i overworking my arms??


    Mon & thrusday
    db bench press 3x12
    db incline 3x12
    db flye 3x12
    close grip bench 3x12
    db kickback press 3x12
    double crunch 3x25
    leg raises 3x25
    decline crunch 3x25

    double crunch 3x25
    leg raises 3x25
    decline crunch 3x25

    Tues & Fri
    lat row 6x12
    pulldown 3x12
    db curls 3x12
    curls 3x12
    preacher curls 3x12
    db shoulder press 3x12
    db lat raise 3x12
    db front raise 3x12
    leg press 3x12
    calf raises 3x12
    double crunch 3x25
    leg raises 3x25
    decline crunch 3x25

  2. Seems like a lot to me. Are you getting stronger in these exercises? Do you have to run or just opt to run over training legs?

  3. are you looking for strength or size? 6 x 12 on lat row sounds like overkill regardless.

  4. no legs?

  5. Where are the squats and deads? Quit clowning around

  6. running or not id still add in some squats and extensions for legs. running doesnt build muscle in your legs. and even more so when you do it every day. besides that it looks good to me. you might want to change up the rep range so you can increase in strength. maybe 12,10,8 for reps. and as the reps go down the weight goes up. for example.

    Barbell Bench Press:
    Set one: 225x12
    Set Two: 255x10
    Set three: 275x8

    this is a good way to stay lean, yet gain mass and strength.

  7. i see you have leg presses in there for legs, and that's it. i can appreciate the fact that you are running and so don't train much legs. running isn't gonna build the leg mass you are looking for though. and, with all the upper body work, you eventually will end up very unbalanced. you definitely don't want this- one, you'll look silly, two- playing catch up to be proportionate is a bitch. you should def. get some more leg exercises in there.

  8. Im looking to put on like 5lbs of lean muscle and cut by thanksgiving, i will add more leg workouts im just afraid of getting injury since i run everyday... i think ur right about 6x12 it probably be a bit overkill on rows...

  9. running and training legs on wednesday is not going to get you hurt. its going to help your endurance and put on some good LBM.


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