rep and increasing intensity

  1. rep and increasing intensity

    right from next month im going on a all out training offensive.. by this im jus gna train and eat but i need some help.

    what should i be doing for reps.. i nromaly do this..a weight were i get 10reps good..then go abit heavyy and do 8 reps..then go heavvyyy and do 6 reps

    so a 10,8,6 rep ?

    but people say you should be always increasing something every how would i go about this..add a rep to my last set ?
    and how often should i be adding weights on ?


  2. i think 3 sets is too little for any exercise. i would try to do 4 on exercises that involve a lot of power and are made for gaining mass and 5 for exercises that help wit toning. i would focus on increasing reps and adjusting the weight frequently to keep your body shocked constantly. its okay to play around with things.

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