not getting muscle sorness

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  1. Ha if you were near me I would take that challenge. I definitely have that extra gear BEYOND the extra gear aka decide a weight is going up and even if it won't move it has to move (my favorite spotting tactic is to yell, "you better get it up or its going to break your nose cause I am NOT touching it!).

    My size gains have hit a genetic max but this thread it pushing me to try to get sore. I did at least 16 sets for shoulders today and many were rest/pause, drops or supers including a couple pr's in push pressed. I highly doubt I'll be sore but we'll see. I never feel a workout after 1-2 days and could train shoulders and back 3-4 times a week if I didnt know any better.

  2. nice workout

    Haha, well i will also admit the guys who i made sore didnt half even half the physique you do...but i would def be down for a good lift session.

    I mean you may just have really good genetics in the recovery area. That wil allow you to get hella freakin strong if you decided to take up powerlifting. Remember if the bar aint bending..then you aint lifting brotha!

  3. take 7-10 days off, regroup, then train like an animal.

    Make sure you have alot of compound movements.....

    I almost always have some soreness.........Doms usually sets in after squats......

    My motto- If your not turning purple, sweating and/or gasping for air, then your not working..........

    Deads and Squats I instantly begin sweating and gasping....Then I just shoot for purple........

    All other workouts I just shoot for sweats and purple........


  4. okay so im going to right this off as i have good recovery because last night i went to complete failure i couldn't even lift a 5lb db last night and now today zero sorness

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    True. LA dissipates within the muscle within moments. LA eventually inhibits muscle contractions, which is general "failure" in a BBing POV.
    Actually it is Hydrogen ions that causes the burning and is what inhibits the contraction of muscles. The body actually uses lactate as an energy source.

    ...I cant post links yet, google muscle burning and hydrogen ions and see for yourself

  6. Could my tendency to get crippling pumps be triggering a muscle shut off that keeps me from training to actual failure and thus not getting sore? I forget the science behind this but in an article called "deep inlay training" I read about a negative feedback loop associated with pumps v. strength.

  7. The hydrogen ions are a direct result from a decrease in muscular pH due to an increase in LA. In a weight lifting setting (or any power exercise), the body never achieves aerobic metabolism, so saying that the body uses LA as an energy source is a slight misnomer.

    There are other factors (e.g. electrolyte balance, hydration), but, for the most part, the pH rise (acids are righ in H+) is what causes muscular failure/burning.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys



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