Need help training.

  1. Need help training.

    I am busy with work,school,gym,and work again. I found that I can find mon,tues to go to the gym and thursday,friday. So my question is does anyone know a great workout for a 2 on 1 off routine? I am trying to drop body fat but keep as much muscle as possible. recomp. I am 5'9" 178%15-17BF. I am trying to get to 8-10%BF then do a clean bulk. My three month goal is [email protected]%. My 8 month goal is 185-190 8-10%. My supplements are already planned out. For the first month i will have whey,prime,fishoil,creadex,xte nd,muliti. For the next three months after i will be doing the asteriod stack with fishoil and muliti,whey. Then the next two months will be diesel test hardcore,fishoil,muliti,whey. Then the last two months will be diesel test procycle with fishoil,muliti. Does this all sound like a good plan? Diet is pretty much sorted out for not for the short term goal. Now i just need a good workout rouuntine.

  2. dang no one??

  3. hey bro!

    4 days / 7 is a great split.

    you don't necessarily have to do a 2on1 off then repeat.

    you can try a


    that is a once a week frequncy. If you want to increase that, then u can try:

    chest/shoulders/tricep/quads (push)
    back/biceps/hamstrings/calves (pull)

    of course given 45-1.5 hours of time, the more frequent approach you will not be able to do as much volume or intesnity as the once a week split, but at least you will be hammer that muscle twice a week

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