... I think I got a tear/hernia

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  1. good luck bro

  2. [QUOTE=urbanski;2241973]no it will not. reducible means the herniating material slides back and forth through the hole but the hole never goes away.

    any idea why many of the pain and symptoms are slowly fading on me?

  3. just the stretch of the internal inguinal ring hurts, also the hernia contents themselves stretch the spermatic cord causing pain. multiple nerves all around there. i hope it stays reduced for you which can stave off surgery but your lifting may be limited.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by silverSurfer View Post
    Dr. James Hudgins, Plano TX
    Right inguinal hernia
    i'm going to dallas to visit my g/f and her family for christmas tomorrow and my hotel is in plano!! planning on going to the one of the YMCA's there..they let me use it for free last time. i'm having surgery on a hiatal hernia a week from tomorrow as well. good luck with urs bro

  5. Went for an exam at Shouldice Hospital yesterday. Booked my surgery for Feb 18th, get it over with. They use no mesh, instead they stitch the muscle together in 4 layers with local freezing only! Yippeee!

  6. Is it Ok to start a weak Pulse of say SD w 1 &1/2 mths out from hernia surgery. Say 1-2 times per week or is Blood pressure a concern?


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