The fat ugly cousin your ashamed of

  1. The fat ugly cousin your ashamed of

    No im not talking about an actual person but using it as a metaphore for the stance people seem to take on the rotator cuff.

    For those of you who do train the 4 parts of this stabaliser when do you do it? What exercises do you use? Rep range? and so on.

    Be great to hear of any benefits you have noticed through it.

    Ive made an overhaul these past 4 months to focus more on the scapular and RC muscles during workouts as ive been having major problems there.

    Have been using tubing but now ready to take it to the gym, feedback on the routine would be appreciated.

    • Poormans shoulder horns 10-15reps x 2 sets
    • 90% rotation (performed with my elbow at the top of the bench slowly lowered then back up) 10-15 reps x 2 sets
    • Snatch/Cuban press 6-8reps x 2 sets
    • L-lateral raise 10reps x 1 set
    • Laying side abduction to 45 degree's 10-12reps x 2 sets

    Will increase poundages and decrease reps to the 6-8 mark over time.


  2. Well i as a pitcher in baseball I do RC exercises daily andd usually following a workout The only two things i really use are 3 or 5Lb weights And a cord with a rubber baseball on one end and a Loop on the other. I use these to strengthen both rotator cuffs. I dont think there what your looking for though but it may be I have a packet laying around somewhere i was given to strengthen rotator cuff but cant find it atm Theres about 6 exercises for each side of the cord and 5 for the weights, i can try to go in depth if needed but you can always google it for pictures,

    Like this site has come pictures towards the middle of what i normally do with 3 or 5lb weights.

    I cant really find videos or pictures on the cords i use but you normally do like Internal/Xternal rotations if you google something like rotator cuff exercises for pitchers using bands it will yield some results

    Those are some things i use to strenghten my rotator cuff for pitching and lifting.

  3. ty for the reply man, RC threads on this forum usually dont get any!

    Got to say the RC workout last night was brutal, im not sure how you could put it on the end of the workout and maintain the struct form required.

    Finished up with 20mins HIIT.

    Everyone looking at me silly training the shoe horns, asking if i was am arm wrestler etc, amazingly none of them had even heard of it, given they train bench 4 times a week how the hell are the RC's not buggered?

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