Question on cardio during P90X

  1. Question on cardio during P90X

    Hey im starting p90X tommorow and was just wondering i usually do morning cardio like 7 or 8 am and usually lift around 3 or 4 Can i still do cardio in mornings and P90X later in day or would this be too much. I usually either do HIIT in the morning if i can handle it or just 45-70 Min on Elliptical whichever i feel more like doing.

  2. It would depend on you current level of activity. I enjoyed P90x and found the weight portion of the training was a bit more aerobic then I expected. You typically move between sets fairly quickly so it was not like my typical weight workout.

    It all comes down to how hard you want to push the P90x. It is a good work out but like all workouts you control the intensity. You can do it without breaking a sweat by cheating moves or using lighter weights or you can attack your body and make it hurt!

    If you are currently pulling an hour of cardio in the am and an hour of weights in the evening, you most likely could still do the cardio and P90x in the evening. I would cut the cardio back to just half an hour for the first few days to see how you handle it. On plyo may want to easy cardio that morning.

  3. Ya for the first week atleast im just gonna get used to P90X getting ready to do chest and back soon.

  4. Careful with going too intense...the cuban presses are brutal on shoulders and should be done with a little less weight then you think you can handle.

  5. Is that during chest and back or shoulders and arms?

  6. It has been a bit since I did the work out but I believe it is shoulders.

  7. I think i may buy those resitance bands i have no place for a pull up bar down where i workout.

  8. Dang that P90X chest and back murdered me never been more sore.

  9. I've gone through 3 cycles of P90X - absolutely love it!! I still do it a few times a week, although I've been hitting the weights heavy lately to bulk up.

    Wait until you do the P90X plus workouts - now those are KILLER!!

  10. First time ive been truely sore in my whole upper body after a workout almost my whole upper body is sore because its so different then my usual workouts.


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