Elbow injury, can't DL, can't shrug

  1. Elbow injury, can't DL, can't shrug

    18 months ago I developed a condition in both elbows that sounds virtually identical to everything I've ever read about "golfer's elbow." I didn't see a doctor.

    I took 6 months off. Then got back into it nice and light. Elbows hurt.

    Did some hit-or-miss light workouts for the last four months, no real pain.

    Deadlifted for the first time in ages last week, elbows hurt.

    Shrugged today for the first time in ages, elbows hurt.

    It seems that I can't have heavy weight hanging from my arms. The elbow problem initially got so bad that it kept me up at night, and things as simple as unplugging a toaster would cause intense pain (or pulling a dryer door open, etc, essentially anything requiring a twisting or pulling motion with my arms).

    I'm taking fish oil and glucosamine/chondroitin, not sure if its helping keep things in line or not.

    Can anyone make some recommendations regarding:

    - How to nurse this injury so it will go away without staying out of the gym for the next ten years
    - Alternatives to DL/shrugs
    - A supplement that *really* helps tendors, joints, etc


  2. If its still here after 18 months id reccomend a doctor seriously go to like a walk in clicnic or something i dont know but get it checked out

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