Bowlfex SelectTech Dumbells (1090)

  1. Bowlfex SelectTech Dumbells (1090)

    Has anyone ever used these? I know they are pricey ($599), but they are much cheaper than if I bought separate DB's.

    Really, I'm just curious as to their quality and how they hold up to regular use. I've got a $500 gift card to ****s Sporting Goods (thanks mom and dad!), and I've been eying these for a couple years, but never wanted to spend the money on them.

    I've got everything else in my home gym... multiple barbells, squat rack, bench, etc. The only thing lacking are a nice selection of DBs (all I have are 15, 25, and 35lb).


  2. I know i saw at ****s theres interchangable dumbells like 150$ each they go from 10-50 probally not what ur looking for but thats what i have i forgot what there called i bought a pair cost me 300$ they work well for what i do. As far as bowflex goes if you have the cash to get em i dont see why not there solid dumbells.

  3. no dude dont buy em. by ur avatar i doubt ur gonna need dumbells that only go up to 50 pounds. Doing Rows,tri extentions, curls etc5-40 pounds wont come in handy would it?

  4. The 1090's ones go from 10-90lbs and the 552's 5-52.5lbs. I have the 1090s and like them. check out craigslist I bought mine for 350 used.

  5. Thats why i said i doubt the 10-50 would be good for him i was just mentioning it to him.

  6. What ever happened to just good old db handles?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by DerickVonD View Post
    What ever happened to just good old db handles?
    Great idea... I actually forgot I had some of those. I will need to go get a bunch of smaller plates (10's mostly). Using DB handles are awkward with the larger plates (25's+).

    I do worry about my clips failing with that much weight on the handles, though. It's not like a BB where it is essentially used horizontally. DBs take a little work to get into position.

    Anyone here use DB handles w/ any appreciable amount of weight? Say 80+lbs?

  8. After some deliberation, I decided to go with the 1090's. I thought about stocking up on a lot of smaller plates and using my DB handles, but shipping on weight plates is outrages (was gonna be $100 for 200lbs. of plates). And the local ****'s doesn't stock a lot of individual plates... they do have a lot of sets (BB + 300lbs, etc.), but that's not what I needed.

    They should be here sometime in the next week. I'll come post back after a couple weeks of working out with them.

  9. I've got the BowFlex DB's

    love em

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Whacked View Post
    I've got the BowFlex DB's

    love em
    I've heard nothing but good things about them (other than the high price tag). But, if you were to buy 10# through 90# DB's, that would cost you upwards of $2,000, not to mention the space it would take up.

    I've switched gears this week. I've been doing full-body routines with fairly heavy weight (explosive movement) for a long time - probably too long. I'm switching back to the classic BB split utilizing TUT principals. I've already humbled myself during my first workout this morning (chest, tris). 4 second negative, 2 second pause at the stretch, 1 second push, no pause at top. Every rep takes about 7 seconds. I only got 6 reps in at 185 on incline.

    I guess the point of saying that ^ is that I think the 90# will last me quite a while with this kind of lifting.

    I'm pretty excited about getting them. I may invest in the DB power hooks to hang them from a BB instead of muscling them up every set.


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