bill star's 5x5 (anyone use it?)

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    bill star's 5x5 (anyone use it?)

    So im going to start bill stars advanced 5x5. I decided to do the power cleans instead of the bent rows. What does everyone think about their suggestion to substitute high pulls for the deads? I love heavy deads so this is a hard switch for me to make. Also i know they say not to change the program but can anyone see a benefit to working in some weighted dips? i like weighted dips for upper body mass and it seems like it would go perfectly with this type of progam.

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    it ends up being 8x5 for me when i use it

    i have to warm up a little more

    i cant go from incline to flat without warming up on each. hurts my shoulders if i dont warm up enough
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    sheiko is much more effective

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