Need some workout ideas.

  1. Need some workout ideas.

    I've been lifitn on and off for about a year now in the gym not really sticking to any sort of workout just been doing several excercises to a muscle group until exhausted. So I was wondering if anybody could give me a 5 day excercise program to get me sore and pumped up.

  2. if i told you that you could work out 3x per week and have better results than 5 days, would you be interested, or are you dead set on 5x per week? i firmly believe that ecto's do better on 3x per week until they build a foundation they can actually put muscle on. 5x per week will be better for you a year from now than the results you'd get from it today.

  3. Yeah anything you could help out with will be greatly appreciated and I'll give it a shot.

  4. The Ectomorph Workout

    it sounds like it won't work, but it does. consider that squats/deads/bench are the three primary mass builders, and the three primary testosterone boosters out of any exercise, and your frame will allow you to do this 3x per week....

  5. Ahh so lets say I do squats and deadlifts same day(since they are both leg oriented excercies, and do others with them), then do bench with chest day. The 3rd day I wouldnt know what to do. Thats my only problem is getting the right muscle groups together for workout days. I also do abs everday with lower back. So if ya could help me out with putting the right muscle groups together it would be great.

  6. well, the link is for a total body routine - 6 exercises done monday wednesday and friday, each day with a slightly different rep scheme. when you max out on a certain exercise (can't progress), you sub out that exercise for a similar one, which is also listed in that link.

  7. You need to change it up to prevent a plateau. I found vastmuscle and it worked for me... they are always changing up their workouts. Im a big fan.


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