What is going on with my chest?

  1. What is going on with my chest?

    Hey guys,

    I am 18 years old, approx. 11% body fat, and have puffy nipples. I've been working out and doing cardio to lower my body fat but the puffiness is still not going away. I doubt it's anything with my hormones because I'm 18 already and I've had this condition for two years already. Is there anything I can do before resorting to surgery or and OTC drugs?

  2. You could be genetically predisposed to higher estrogen which could cause the mild formation of breast tissue. You may want to look into tamox, letro, etc which might help.

  3. jim623
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    Wait another year, there's still a chance it may go away on it's own. Not every one is sexually mature by age 18.

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