1. Question Power/Building

    Do you guys think it would be more beneficial to do bodybuilding one week, then powerlifting the next, Or do both each week?

    for example: Week1: high reps, lower weight Week2: Lower reps, Heavy weight

    Or Day1: high rep, low weight Day2: low rep, high weight

    I work each muscle group twice a week so day 2 means the second day I work that same muscle group. Sorry if its confusing.

    Or does it not really matter, or do I need to just find what works best for me?
    Just wondering if one was better than the other. And sorry if this belongs in a different forum...

  2. bro you can high rep a workout low rep or a mix. i personally mix unless getting ready for a meet. maybe try doing compound movements heavy one week and light isolation movements the next. theres a shytload of variations. i could write up workouts for days. twice a week thou, pay close attention cuz you could start overtraining. i need more detail on your goals etc.

  3. Yeah, I look at that now and its kinda a dumb question. I just need to do what works for me...

  4. The funny thing is most powerlifters don't do low reps most of the time. Mainly just for the bench dead and squats. But their are tons of things done in the more traditional "bodybuilding" rep range.

  5. hey man im trying to do something like this reps between 1-5 for Bench Squat Deadlift and push press. assistance work is between 8-20 reps 2-5 sets.. theres no record for heaviest DB curl or front raise or anything so who cares? like go heavy on the core lifts.



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